Fluent Reader

Fluent Reader


Open & Organized.

Import your sources from an OPML file and resume reading right away. Easily organize sources with groups. Move between computers with full data backups, and share your sources with OPML exports.

Read comfortably.

Enjoy your contents like never before with the built-in article view for RSS full text tailored to maximize focus. Source only comes with snippets? Configure to load webpage with Chromium-based webview or open externally by default.

Search. Filter.

Find anything you want with the power of regular expressions. Search in both titles and full contents of articles. Mark articles as starred, hidden, or unread and filter. Automatically categorize articles into customized feeds and pages (soon).

Privacy first. All your data stays with you. All cookies cleared upon exit. XSS blocked in an isolated context. No personal information collected, ever. Behavior tracking limited. Strict Content Security Policy enforced. Sandboxed webview.

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